Braces or clear aligners: do you need it, and what is it?

Orthodontics may be required to produce a functional bite, or to reduce damage caused by the teeth, to other teeth due to their positioning. These presentations are rare, and more commonly Orthodontics is used to improve the aesthetics of your smile, and self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatment applies pressure to the teeth to enable their movement into a more functional, or aesthetically pleasing position. Orthodontics can resolve crowding, poor alignment or gaps in your smile!

Orthodontic movement can be achieved with fixed or removable appliances, with fixed braces and clear aligners the most common examples. Dr Alex Ryan can help correct many common malocclusions, but some orthodontic issues require treatment by a specialist Orthodontist. If your orthodontic issues are complex, we will connect you with a specialist Orthodontist.


Orthodontics Treatment

Clear Aligners – Clear, nearly invisible, removable appliances. Appropriate for mild crowding and smile detailing. Treatment commonly completed in 18 months, but can range from 9 to 24 months dependant on the case. Comprehensive treatment is delivered with complementary teeth whitening.

Fixed Braces – A fixed appliance system that is able to produce greater movement of the teeth. Appropriate for the management moderate and severe crowding in adults and teenagers, and jaw growth modification in teenagers. Treatment is commonly completed in 18 months.